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January - March 2015

Digital multichannel project promoting the PRO category in Sportmaster.

PRO category is:

- an advanced sports gear for people who want more from their sport activities

- superior sales assistants in stores, that do sports themselves

- a chain of advanced maintenance shops for sports gear


- introduce the PRO category to a specific audience interested in certain winter sports requiring high quality gear and outwear

- develop an image of Sportmaster as a company selling not only common but also advanced sports goods


- people that do advanced sports do it for personal fulfillment

- they do not hide their skills, they show them off

- we give them a perfect opportunity to show them off, tell the world that "they can do it like PRO"

Project's structure:

- contest with a special page on a stand alone website with a good reach

- tests of PRO gear presented in Sportmaster stores on the most popular Russian mountain ski and snowboarding web-sites

My responsibilities:

- creative concept

- communication strategy for the project

- project management

- product management

- supervising an agency executing the project


- 277 contestants and around 500 pictures and video on contest

- reach over 13 000 000

- more than 30 000 shares in social media

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